Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lovely Labels

My love affair with organization is no secret. Among the many clever little pet names my Mr. comes up with for me, "Basket lady" is one of them, because, as you can see, I LOVE to put things in little baskets. Like things together, so I never have to hunt around for the spare pieces, or if I'm searching for a can of beans, it will be with all the other canned vegetables. I just like things in order, it makes me happy. It saves me time, energy and frustration. My fascination with the art of organization is ever increasing. My latest obsession, labels.

I have always loved labels. It's an admiration I've had since my childhood, my mom was a label queen herself.  Her approach was very practical. Big bold black and white labels so people knew where to return things, and where to put them away. Labels on toy boxes, food storage, and my dresser drawers. 

It's no wonder labels touch my heart with the caress of nostalgia, and the comforts of childhood. Oh labels, beautiful labels.

They are magical! I mean, sure, my closet is tiny, and carries little more space than is actually pictured here...but one day when I live in my dream home and have a glorious master closet with a chandelier, full length dressing mirror, and is painted pink with a glorious rendition of Edmund Leighton's "The Accolade" these labels will be apart of that space, so in a sense it makes that space real, right now in my humble little apartment. 

It may be eccentric, I know, but oh the joy I glean from labels!


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