Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Make way, for new baby!

My Closet
I love to organize and de-clutter. For me, it is a passion, a hobby, and a form of creative self expression. Making labels is an art I take very seriously. Color coordinating my clothes is fun and entertaining. Singing cleanup songs around the house occur with the same frequency as "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam" it's just who I am.

But the moment I get pregnant, Tidy Heidi joins forces with Mrs. No Nick-knack Nickerson and together they sweep through the house uprooting everything in its wake asking the hard questions a less hormonal version of myself doesn't think to ask. Or doesn't honestly answer....

"Do you LOVE this?"
"Do you NEED this?"
"Have you used this in the last year, how about the last six months?"
"Does it fill your heart with joy?"
"Where are you going to be in the next year, is it coming with you?"
"Just answer the question, yes or no."

Maybe it's the thrill of a new life inside me, and all the promise that baby holds. The future bringing me closer to that moment when another human being enters the stage of life and ripples through the eternities leaving everything changed. But I feel such an urgency to make way for growth. For baby. For new life. I want to make room for everything wonderful this child will bring into our home.

And I'm starting today.
Wish me luck.
The next nine months are going to be awesome!


Monday, November 7, 2011

Miracles never cease

My Beloved Firstborn,

Yesterday...You were a baby.

Today, you are a little boy.

Tomorrow, you'll be a big brother!

Well, actually, it will take nine months.
But it will feel like the bounce of a ball.
The pop of a bubble.
The leap of a frog.
The splash of a puddle.

And then a little bundle.

You will feel all sorts of things,
And proud.
Your feelings are okay,
And you can tell me and daddy about them all.

Sometimes the baby will cry.
Sometimes you will cry.
Sometimes mommy will cry!
Other times you will laugh, 
Or do something that will make the baby happy
Then the two of you will start having fun together!

And, if you choose it, 
There will be love.
There will be a friend for all eternity
Who will always look up to you,
Just because
You are their big brother.

I love you son.
I hope that one day,
You will feel grateful 
To this new baby for making you a brother,
The way I feel grateful to you,
For making me a mother.

Love always,
"Ma mas"

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