Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Life's a merry-go-round. There are ups and downs, but all in all, it's a magical ride!

It's late as he walks out to the SUV. His blue uniform melts into the dark night air and I watch as he pulls out of our parking space, rolls down his window and waves at us one last time before driving away. Arms flailing madly Scotty and I wave enthusiastically tossing a kiss toward him at random. Our choruses of "I love you, see you soon, and good-luck" play a game of bumper cars as we call out back and forth to each other. He's tired. He doesn't want to leave. He wants to stay home and wrestle with Scotty some more. He wants to snuggle up on the couch with me in front of the fire and eat left over Santa cookies. But he smiles just the same, as the Navy calls him away from us once again.

I carry Scotty back into the apartment, locking the door behind us. "Your daddy will be home and playing with you before you know it!" I smile. He jumps down and runs off to give his new batman car another race along the couch. I walk into the bedroom. My kneels hit the floor and I bow my head quietly before the Lord. My heart pours out as I plead for the safe return of my husband, and for the Lord to bless him with the strength he needs to fulfill every task put before him. To keep him healthy and strong. And to keep our family's hearts knit together in unity and in love even while he is away.

Then I remembered the last time Josh came home. How wonderful it felt to have my husband in my arms again. The magic of each kiss we shared, after missing those kisses so much. I could hear Scotty laughing with  his daddy, as they wrestled on the ground rolling around like boys do-growling, kicking, punching and hugging all at the same time. My heart felt nothing but peace and gratitude for a husband I love so much. 

There are ups and downs
on this merry go round,
this merry go round 
we call life

Hellos and goodbyes
some laughs
and some cries-
some sunshine
some rain clouds
some strife.

But give me the choice
to watch or to ride
I'll choose riding 
that horse every-time!

Whether heaven or hell
we all know full well,
that a carousel ride
is sublime

My dear divas, life has moments we love and moments we must simply learn to accept. Through contrast, the moments we are down help us recognize the moments we are up! The memories and joy of moments we are up, sustain us the moments we are down. Whether up or down, the joy is-you are living life! Cry freely, laugh loudly, love passionately. You are a diva! Sing out with your voice. Happy or sad, up or down, they are all part of the grand carousel ride. Your feelings will not consume you, they will express you!

May you all  have the courage to sing your song full voice, be it full of tears or full of joy. May you climb on the back of that perfect horse (you know the pink one with the gold saddle and bright red roses with ribbons cascading down its mane) and let it carry you up and down. Wave back to the world around you and feel the magic. Feel life.

Okay-dibs on the pink horse...
The Domestic Diva


  1. What a great post! I wholeheartedly agree - feel life! I enjoy your writing as well, it's magical in and of itself. Beautiful.

  2. can i have the baby blue one with sparkles?! lol you made me cry, brought me back to our "wave goodbye" moment : )


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