Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"How do you like your bath?"

"Warm, hot, or boil a lobster?" -Stardust

I LOVE taking baths, but a common problem I would often run into was water temperature. What felt fine to my hand was either too hot or worse, too cold when I took the plunge into that wonderful bath of water. So I discovered a trick to always getting the perfect temperature, draw your bath, while you are sitting in the tub. Yep, fill that bath up with YOU already in it. You can let it run a bit, add your salts, oils, or other ingredients but don't let the tub fill till you are inside. You can adjust the water temperature as your whole body acclimates. If you need to get out to turn off the lights, or start the music, or light a candle, your body temperature will still be acclimated when  you get back in and it won't feel scalding. Though, it's best to do as much ambiance preparation as possible before hand, because if you're anything like me, once your in your bath zone, you're not getting out till you are good and ready!

So, just a little tip today, but one I find wonderfully helpful!

Take a hot bath with bubbles,
forget all your troubles!



  1. I actually already do this! I like to lay down and feel the water slowly rising up my face. I pretend the tide is coming in around my ears or something. Very...meditative...and not weird at all...

  2. Cute post! I'm not a bath person, but it is a good idea.

    Now a follower; looking forward to seeing your A-Z posts. See you around!

  3. Baths and a Neil Gaiman quote, love it! Gaiman's on my first blog for A-Z too...

    1. Ha ha! That's awesome, what number are you on the big list! I'll check out your post!

  4. I found you on the A - Z challenge so just popped by to say hello!

    I figured this little bathtime secret out myself, too. After many of those nightmare baths where you fill it up, get in, burn, put way too much cold water in and then discover that the hot water has run out so you're stuck in a cold bath!

    You have a sweet blog, I'm following you! Good luck with the challenge :)

    Nikki – inspire nordic

    1. I know! I wish I'd figured this out on my honeymoon, I remember drawing a bath for my husband and I one night in this MONSTER of a tub, and the water was WAY too hot, we sat around for like 45 minutes waiting for it too cool enough to get in! Ha ha, good times!


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