Friday, May 11, 2012

Five Minute Romance

Today, as I was making my bed, on a whim I decided to spritz a bit of my favorite perfume between the sheets. I smiled as the lovely scent wafted through the air as I billowed the top sheet up and down getting it perfectly straight. After the bed was made, I opened the window and the sun poured in, the soft scent of my perfume still lingered, and I knew that tonight when I crawled into bed, I would be ensconced once more in the lovely scent, it's feminine softness permeating my night gown. The perfect touch of romance, to woo my soul, for a wife desperately missing her deployed husband.

The thought then occurred to me, I wish there was a book or a blog, with dozens of little ideas like this for me to apply on a daily basis. Just fast, inexpensive ways to romance the soul, woo the day, and fill my heart with that deeply satisfying feeling of the romantic. A book I could just flip open and find an idea that I could implement immediately, with little or no cost, but fills my heart with the richness of romancing the day.

Then I smiled, well, I could write something like that! I have a blog, and I'm pretty much in love with love itself...I've been spritzing perfume between my sheets since I was twelve years old. I have hundreds of ideas pass through my mind on a daily basis about how to make the day more beautiful, enhance the serenity around me, more fully live in the moment, and isn't that romance too? Absolutely. Romance can happen anywhere, at any moment, if you are present, and aware of it's influence.

So, for the next few entries, and here and there, I will be adding to my "Five Minute Romance" collection on this blog! So all you lovely readers out there can enjoy the little things that bring incredible richness and romance into the everyday.

Have a romantic day!
-The Domestic Diva

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  1. very romantic post--from one romantic to another!


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