Wednesday, December 19, 2012

12 Days of Kiss-Much, down day and snowflakes

Yesterday I didn't do anything for our 12 days of Kiss-Much. I was tired. We've been feeling a bit under the weather. So, mostly we wrapped presents. It was a lovely, romantic, day in it's own ordinary way, what a joy!

Today, it snowed, and we've been watching Christmas movies with our four year old. I've been on the computer getting some work done and in the background I hear Will Ferrell acting like an Elf. Josh cleaned the kitchen and has kept Scotty busy, playing with him all afternoon. That is romantic too. Life is good.

I hope you're finding as I am that daily romance is so much more about your state of mind, and less about stressing over the little things. Remember, if it isn't fun, if it doesn't make you smile, if it isn't feeding your soul but rather creating stress, it is not romantic.

Ideas for tomorrow's 12 days of Kiss Much

-Hang Snowflakes above our bed, attach notes of gratitude to strings
-Read Dickens
-Give Josh a special ornament

1 comment:

  1. I love ordinary days. No snow here, in sunny So. Calif., although my daughter was wishing for it, as she complained about it being soooo cold @ 52 degrees.


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