Thursday, December 13, 2012

12 Days of "Kiss-Much" Wreath and Rose Petals

As I walked into Michael's craft store I saw the most magnificent wreath hanging in the entrance. My eyes glazed over...."ooooh how muuuuuuuuch....?



I walked away.
I walked back.
I walked away.
I walked back.

I noticed something, a big sign I'd somehow missed before "All wreaths 60% off".


I took it to the checkout counter. "It's military Wednesday, if you are military you can have an additional 10% off your purchase, including sale items!" The clerk says to me.

YES! I proudly procure my military ID.

"Hmmmm, this wreath is not ringing up at the right price...Just wait a minute I'll try this again." He apologizes.

I stand there blissfully day dreaming of hanging the wreath on our bedroom door. How beautiful it will look, how romantic. I'll hang notes from it. I'll tuck love birds into the branches. He'll slowly open the door and peek past the greenery, and golden ribbon, and see....

Our beautifully made bed!
With rose petals...
Glorious, heavenly, rose petals.
Oh my goodness, how perfect.
Sheer perfection!
Tra, la-la, la-la! My heart is singing!

Hmm? What's that?

"You have been so patient with our delay in getting this wreath wrung up,
you can have an additional 10% off!" The clerk smiles.

That eighty dollar wreath, is now 80% off!

Merry Kiss-Much to me!

-Domestic Diva

More romantic ideas:

-Cover his dashboard with compliments written on sticky notes
-Decorate the mantel and light a fire, sip your favorite drink in your best glasses
-Drink hot chocolate by candle-light
-Bubble baths....

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  1. What a great score! I love your Kiss-Much idea.


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