Friday, July 1, 2011

Golden moment 31 and 32, my mom and dad.

I am behind on my daily golden moments. So I'm going to pick up two right here and go forward with tomorrow. For these two golden moments I want to talk about the two people to whom I owe this golden life of mine. My mom and dad.

My mom is one of those people who waited her whole life to be a grandma. When she walks through the door, Scotty is thrilled, what will this mean today? Kiddy pool in the living room? Bubbles in the back-yard? A trip to the park? Smiley face stickers on my fingers? Train track building? Story book reading? CANDY? My mom is always playing creatively with Scotty, just like she did with her own kids. 

She is the voice in my head that assures me when Scotty is throwing a fit "There's nothing wrong here, he's a  toddler, this is normal." While miraculously, at the same time reminds me "You can be friendly and firm at the same time, you can insist on obedience and still be empathetic towards his frustrations and desires." It's from my mom's voice  I get ideas like singing clean up songs to get my son to pick up his room without even asking him. Training him to sit in his car seat without a hitch by simply handing him the keys to unlock the car door. Offering commands without demands, when he dumps out his juice on the floor and instead of hearing a reproach, he's simply handed a towel. My mom has always believed that children are intelligent and they know what they need to do. She is pretty expert at gently guiding the will of the child to comply to the will of an adult, and she knows when to let a kid just be a kid too and let the will to play RULE. When it comes to the art of parenting, this woman understands the balancing act like no one else on this planet. When I grow up, I want to be just like her.

My dad. I have always taken pride in those two words. 
This is my dad
This is my dad, and he takes the time out of his busy schedule to drive me to voice lessons an hour away because she is the teacher who came with the highest recommendations. This is my dad, and he is my biggest fan at every music performance, always asking me the magic question before I open my mouth to sing,

 "Heidi, do you love to sing?"
 "Yes dad, I love to sing." 

This is my dad, who  treats me with the utmost respect, kindness and love. Who showed me from the time I was a  little girl how I deserved to be treated, how I deserved to be loved. My dad, will be there for me and my family whenever he is needed. He is one call away, and he will be there. I love my dad, I am grateful for my dad. Every day of my life I feel keenly aware of the blessing it is to have him in my life. His love, is never taken for granted. I am so grateful he is my dad.

And I'm so grateful he is my son's grandpa! One day, in the not so distant future I can hear a little boy's voice saying proudly to his friends "This is my grandpa." "He takes me to baseball games, and plays with me in the park, he doesn't miss a single ____________ (Fill in the blank with current interest of choice, gymnastics, piano, etc..) And Scotty will know the kind of love he is worthy of always, because he is loved by my dad.

Who are the people that make your life golden?

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