Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Monday July 4th, Golden moment # 36

This was the magnificent Fourth of July picnic day I stared out at all day from my sick bed.

Yes, I came down with a monster cold. I have been pretty much so dizzy, that it has been all I can do to change diapers and scrounge up snack food. My son has been a champ the last two days, occupying himself while mommy is pretty much confined to bed. Today my head-ache eased up enough to catch up on this blog, but honestly, I am so ready for a nap it isn't even funny.

This is a glimpse of what happens when "Damage Control" (aka mom) is out of commission for a day. I will not post pictures of the wet towels in the bathtub, the melted ice-cream on the couch, or the mess in the kitchen because honestly, I'm just too tired! But it's a site, that's for sure. This picture actually makes it look only semi bad, but trust me when I say, it's bad. Sick mom=messy house. It may not have been so bad, but sadly, dad had overnight duty when this bug hit me full force, so I have been totally on my own the last two days.

Golden moment however, was that I had a great view of a firework show from my bedroom window. And I really enjoyed that, as did my son who clapped and yelped for joy after every big firework that shot magnificently up over the trees obstructing our view. The sound of his happy little voice exclaiming "Fireworks! Fireworks!" is still echoing in my mind and making me smile!

What was your 4th of July like?

PS-Happy BIRTHDAY Christine. I'm so sorry I didn't call you, but I felt so miserable and I knew you were busy with your birthday celebrations and probably out having a ball with your in-laws. But I was thinking of you!

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