Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sunday, July 3 Golden moment #35

Sunday was just a wonderful day as all our family came together, along with my sister's in-laws to watch baby Anwell receive his name and blessing at church. This is a sacred tradition in the Mormon church, it is always so beautiful to watch. Most commonly the baby's father will give the blessing, and in it the baby's name is declared and a special blessing is given for the baby's life.

My son's name and blessing day, 2008
When my husband gave our son his name and blessing, we were so happy to have our dear friend Nathan Tyler apart of that special day for our family. At the time, we had adopted him as an uncle to our family, but I was doing everything I could to set him up with my sister and make it official. 

Three years later, and not only did Nathan indeed marry my sister and become my son's real uncle, but he and my sister had a beautiful baby boy, making me an aunt. It's a wonderful, fun story and just makes me incredibly happy to see how everything came together so perfectly in the growth of our family. To have Josh be apart of the name and blessing for Nate's son was a beautiful full circle of events.

My nephew's name and blessing day. 2011
There is nothing more precious, and beautiful than to see a family grow, and to see the love and adoration we have for each other increase and expand as new people join our home through marriage and birth. This is the happiest time of life. Everything is growing, everyone is alive with hope for the future. I can not imagine a more golden joy than the happiness felt in a family knit together with unity and love one towards another.


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  1. I didn't know this story fully. I love it!

    By the way - last time I looked at this blog, it wasn't updated, I thought you weren't updating it anymore. I must have looked at something else. My blogging isn't so great. But this site, is eye candy and heart candy. Thank you so much.


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