Saturday, May 28, 2011

Golden Birthday

I turned 28 on May 28th today. It was my golden birthday. In honor of this special occurrence, I've decided that this day forward will be my golden year. A year full of golden moments, a golden moment everyday. So, for the next year, until May 28th 2012, I will look for and post one golden moment everyday. 365 days of gold. A treasury of joy. My golden moment today?  Realizing I have more gifts then I could ever count, but here are 28, my new favorite number for this year.

1) The love of a good man
2) A beautiful child
3) A happy marriage
4) A wonderful family
5) Dear friends
6) A Disney Princess singing voice (Birds actually do chirp when I sing with the window open)
7) My Savior, Jesus Christ
8) A lovely home to live in
9) Good books to read
10) Sisters
11) Scrapbooks
12) Lovely clothes I'm excited to wear everyday hanging up in my closet
13) Cherry blossom trees in the spring time
14) Pink roses
15) Romantic getaways
16) Bubble baths
17) Costume Jewelry
18) Good health
19) A car to drive
20) The color peach
21) Fabric
22) Watercolors
23) Strawberries
24) Imagination
25) Music
26) Things that sparkle!
27) Plumeria Flowers
28) Just being happy!

When was your golden birthday? Did you do something special to commemorate it, or did you not notice it at all? Is your golden birthday still on the horizon?

Until next time,
The birthday diva

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