Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Golden Moment #3

I quietly peeked around the corner into my son's room and watched for a moment as he blissfully played with his choo choo trains. I decided to take advantage of this rare moment of quiet, happy, independent play and pick up a favorite book.  

I'm all snuggled up on the rocking chair, and almost two chapters into "What color is your slip cover" by Denny Daikler, when Scotty came into the family room to make sure he knew where mommy was. Then he returned to his room, I assumed to continue playing with his beloved trains, but he came back out just a moment later plopped himself down on the couch and started reading out loud one of his favorite books "Go, Dog. Go!" When I looked over at him so proudly reading to himself, my heart fluttered.

You know that feeling? When you see something so beautiful you actually have that physical reaction within your chest, like the light-switch just turned on and now you are glowing from the inside. It was more than just seeing my son's developing love of books, hearing his little toddler voice calling all the dogs "Choo choos, and Thomas" or his sweet mimicking of my activity of choice. It was an image of my own mother, and how many countless times I spied her snuggled up on a chair while laundry was drying, dinner was baking, she was nursing a baby, or taking a well deserved break, with a book in hand. It was a memory of sitting down with a book of my own next to her, just to be near her as she read. Hundreds of books she read aloud to me and my siblings, "Stewart Little" "The Christmas Box" American Girls series, picture books, magazines and scriptures.

A love of not just being entertained by the written word, but learning from it, letting her mind delight in it's complexities, it's perspectives, it's call to become something greater today than you were yesterday, and it's ability to create strong lasting relationships and emotional connection when shared.

So I suppose, my golden moment today was a book. But like all books, was so much more than meets the eye.

What is your favorite book? Do you have a special memory centered around reading, you cherish?



  1. I used to snuggle up in my Sister's peach room and read her "Mrs. Piggle Wiggle." Or something by Bruce Coville, or Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, or just anything I'd come across and wanted to share. I've read out loud to my older and younger siblings so many times in my life...it's become very special.

  2. Reading is incredible and an incredible gift! And there's nothing like watching your gifts imitate you doing wonderful things! I definitely remember listening to my mom read and I hope my reading is a memory my kids take with them as well.

  3. Go, Dog, Go was my very favorite book when I was little. I loved the story, but I also love the memory of reading it every Saturday at the library when my dad would take me.

  4. Christine-you were the best at reading out loud! My favorite was probably the Cinderella story that you read to me while I worked on coloring a big poster of the local eco-system for science class.

    Annie-I know your kids will cherish the memories of reading with you! You are such a great mom!

    Jeigh-That is so awesome you loved Go Dog, go! What a special memory of your dad taking you to the library every Saturday! How wonderful!


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