Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ever had one of "those" days?

I'm having one of those days.

Bad day, no good reason. Just sad and I don't know why. Feeling, unmotivated, lethargic and a lot like I'm trying to walk to Baskin Robbin's on a treadmill. Pondering the purpose of my existence and drawing a  ___________. Yeah. Blank.

So, I've spent the better part of my day reading random blogs.
Writing a blog far too depressing to post, so I deleted it.
Sitting in front of the heater.
Taking a nap.
Sitting in front of the heater again.
Taking another nap.
Trying to muster the motivation, the thought, the will, to do, well, just about ANYTHING.
(All the thought mustering happened while sitting in front of the heater of course.)

SO I did what any 21st century depressed homemaker would do, I Googled "How to cheer yourself up." Happily I didn't even have to finished the sentence before the little Google bar filled it in for me, and the thought of that search being common enough to fill in the blank for me, sort of cheered me up and helped me feel not so alone, or stupid for feeling, well....stupid.

I have decided to do 7 things in the next 3 hours to cheer myself. Those numbers feel right to me at any rate. These art the 7 things I'm going to do. Hopefully, I'll be feeling back to my chipper" let's change the world, clean our house, sing a song, play with the kiddos and offer life changing advice to people I love" in no time!

7-Take a shower while listening to "What do the simple folks do" from Camelot. I will probably also listen to "Lusty month of May" because it is May after all.
6-put a ribbon in my hair
5-wear something cute with a pair of white pants
4-light a candle during dinner with my husband
3-Drive to the store and buy flowers for the table with grocery money. Yeah. I'm gonna do it.
2-Stand outside and breathe fresh air for 1 minute
1-Drink a glass of water

Okay...there's my plan. I'll get back to you on how well it worked!
In the meantime send me a note. Let me know what you do to cheer yourself up when you are down.


  1. I watch good old Disney Movies!!! Or a good musical that I sing OUT LOUD TOO! The lastest one is Hello Dolly which has the perfect song for you. ."Put on your Sunday clothes when you are down and outtttt. Good down the street and have you picture tooookkkkkk!!!" Oh and know I love you Domestic Diva!!!

  2. I am having one of those days too! As I was reading this blog post i was rocking the baby singing to myself "I need a break before I go insane!!" The back door swings open and the 4 year old came in fussing about some injustice inflicted by daddy telling her no. SO I think I am going to take your advice and do something to help me feel better. First on my list, get out of the house. Staying around the house is not doing me any good!!

  3. Stephanie, thank you for that great idea, I heard Hello Dolly loud and clear! I love you too!

    Leahona,I think there is just something about this day that's making it bad for everyone. My husband came home looking like he's had one of the worst days of his life. Here's hoping that we'll have a much better tomorrow!

  4. We definitely all have those days! I usually let myself feel uck for a short time. If I'm craving something bad for me - I partake. Sometimes I take a nap. When I've had enough of feeling down I focus on something. It might be making of list or fixing dinner or reading with the kids. But whatever it is I focus on something other than me. Hope you're feeling better and thanks so much for sharing! I always feel better knowing I'm not alone.

  5. You sweetie pie! How clever of you to cheer US up in the process of your cheer-myself-up project. You are on the right track (can't go wrong with Camelot) -- all I can say is - please read this coming Sunday's Musing...this is exactly what I'm musing about and you can share with everyone the outcome of your experiment: http://monasgospelmusings.blogspot.com/ OH - and why not throw in "C'est Moi" while you are at it - that'll maybe give you an ego boost to match Lancelot's! Love, Mona

  6. Annie-Loved your ideas, in fact my follow up entry for today should be interesting to you, I re-discovered what you already know....

    Mona-I absolutely listened to "C'est Moi" It comes right before "Lusty month of May" in the show, and how could I skip it, honestly? When he sings "Had I been made the partner of Eve, we'd be in Eden still!" I always laugh, how much more arrogant does a claim get than that! Oh Lancelot!

    Can't wait to check out your latest musing!!!! I loved the last gospel musing on Zion!

  7. Wonderful! I am going to link to this post on this Sunday's Musing. Love it and you!


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