Friday, December 17, 2010

Practicality versus passion, why I wear white pants.

Because, they are gorgeous. White pants are beautiful and that's all there is to it. It doesn't matter who you are, you wear a pair of well fitted white pants, and cream lacy top, maybe some pearls and suddenly you are a star. Nothing shines brighter than that glowing, radiant aura of crisp white light. Reflecting every most flattering feminine curve in all it's God given glory. White is just beautiful.

But, you pick up your toddler with muddy shoes, while sporting a pair of white pants and then what? Is that spotlight of dirt worth the joy of stardom? Or say you've been chasing that little boy of yours around the park for two hours and he's finally ready to sit down on a park bench...dare you risk resting your lily white back pockets on a public seat, potentially hiding a layer of dirt atop it's sheen black finish? No. You wear jeans. You wear jeans because it's practical, and the mother of a two year old can't be wasting time fussing over dirt when she's got grass to roll on, slides to slide down, pea gravel to tromp through and spilled juice to clean up.

Point taken...however, if you were to open my closet doors right now, I think you'd be shocked to see that I have two pairs of trusty jeans and five pairs of white pants. Not to mention about 30 tops in whip cream, off white, linen white, pearl and eggshell. It's true, and I just can't help it. Despite all the practical voices in my head that tell me to wear brown, because brown hides the melted chocolate all over my son's little hands, I love to wear white.

So here's my happy medium, bleach. You know, when it comes right down to it, sometimes practicality must rule out, park days I wear jeans. But if I'm just doing a bit of light housework, running errands or visiting a friend for a play date on a rainy day, I pull passion out of my closet and wear white. When life happens, all I need is a dab of bleach, but I've still been true to that part of me that just must wear white pants. So yes, balance is always important but I'm just saying don't let the pendulum swing too far to the jeans side of your closet and forget the pants that really make your style diva sing.

So my divas, you want to go back to school but feel money or day-care have put it on the back burner for a few years, maybe you should just throw on that pair of white pants and take the leap...

You really feel the creative urge to scrapbook but haven't started dinner? Toss some noodles in a pot of boiling water, a few sliced oranges on the side and call it good. Go scrapbook.

You're tired and overwhelmed with an endless to do list? Book a massage for yourself, go ahead-it's okay to spend 60 dollars on yourself-60 dollars will come again.

Yeah, there will be spills and splashes on your white pants. You will likely brush up against a dirty car door or get sticky fingerprints on your knees-but that's okay. You can always get those pants clean, the important thing is you were brave enough to let yourself wear them. You let passion take precedence over practicality and sometimes, just sometimes we need to do that.

Here's to white pants, jeans and washing machines,
(Just not in the same load)

The Domestic Diva


  1. Gosh I love white pants. White is my power-color. And here is a whole post on them! love it.

  2. if only i was domestic...or wore white pants...or both : )

  3. Oh my dear sweet Heather, I think you are missing the point...Being domestic means different things to different people! If you are passionate about what you are doing you are on the right track! Passionate about your son? About being a navy wife, about FRG? About going back to school? You are being domestic in your own way! Just because you let your laundry pile up doesn't mean you're not doing a good job, maybe you like to let things get crazy so you have the awesome feeling of putting it back together again in a big dramatic way! You'll find your domestic voice, you'll find your version of white pants (; You are as domestic as you say you are! Keep up the good work-Woody Allen said that 99 percent of success is showing up,he's SO right- by being there everyday for your family you are a success!


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