Friday, December 10, 2010

Yes, she cooks, she cleans, and she SINGS!

Last night, while my hubby had overnight duty, I decided it would be fun to Google the title "Domestic Diva" and see what I came up with. I found some beautiful blogs by women who have truly turned home-making into an art! What fun to read about decorating on a budget, and favorite recipes of the year. I found references to Martha Stewart, who many have deemed, the original Domestic Diva. There were pages and pages of these Domestic Diva's all over the place, how delightful to know I'm one among many hundreds perhaps thousands of women who truly love home-making and have made it an expression of their souls.

To me, that is exactly what a Domestic Diva is, a creative expression, like any other art form. The home is my stage, it is where I shine. To all of those women who find great joy and satisfaction in folded laundry, and a baby who smells like Burt's Bees Baby wash, and the romantic swag of your new bedroom curtains, I applaud you. Sometimes it feels like the world is full of critics and adjudicators, telling us we are not singing our song correctly. That those of us who stay at home must not be properly fulfilled because we don't have a career, and those of us who have a career must feel guilty because we are not home enough with our children. Someone always has an opinion about how we are living and those opinions can make us doubt ourselves. I don't know what is right for anyone else. I can't tell you how to be a domestic diva, that's like trying to tell you how to sing. I can show you techniques, and tricks, I can talk about breath support and describe how it feels when I sing, but eventually you just have to open your mouth and let your own voice be heard. Sometimes, the most important person to hear your voice, is yourself.

To me, all of life is a song-and I love to sing it...Doing the dishes has a song, making the bed has a song, the perfect painting in my living room has a song, my parenting has a song, vacuuming has a song, it's all a grand rehearsal and my life is the performance. Every true singing diva knows, that for all the hundreds of hours of preparation there is one moment of performance. If we only lived for that performance, that moment of perfection... we would be miserable. There is joy in preparation. There is always something to look forward to. There is joy in the everyday tasks that must be fulfilled, for it prepares us for life's moments! We organize the game closet, so we can have fun playing games! We go grocery shopping because we enjoy eating! We love and care for our children so they can grow up to love and care for themselves and those around them. Every moment is about rehearsal and performance, and there is pleasure in both.

So, whether you are actually singing out loud or not-let the music of life fill your heart in every task you undertake! If it is bringing you joy, sing it out! Let your creativity resonate to all the world. May your song echo in the hearts of all those who enter your home. It is a reflection of you-and people want to see you-people want to be inspired and uplifted by your creativity and passion.

Let the voices of all domestic divas fill the air, as the homes of this world transform into places of beauty and music and love! You are singing in a great chorus, this work is noble and good. You are surrounded by women of creativity and talent-and you stand among them with a voice and gift that is completely your own. No one else can sing your song. No one else can create your home. No one else can live your passion.

Sing my domestic divas! Sing!
Your fellow chorus member

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