Sunday, December 19, 2010

Oh to be two, and ode to two

Chocolate milk pours...
You watch in wonder as it seeps
Deep into the couch cushions

With crayon in fist
You race across the sliding  glass door
The TV screen
The computer screen
The walls
My budding artist
A bowl breaks as you cry for breakfast
A light-bulb will never shine again
As you pummel it with a rolling pin

Books belong on the bookshelf?
Nope, the floor
Clothes belong in their drawer?
No, also the floor
Water belongs in the bathtub?
No brainer. The floor.
It's so easy to be tidy when you're two

"Iee uv ooo"
The best sound of all
In that sweet baby voice of yours
that will only last for a moment

I love you, two.

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