Thursday, December 9, 2010

Curtain Call

When I was a young girl I dreamed of one day becoming a Diva. It was more than an imagining; it was an obsession. I began taking voice lessons at age twelve and couldn't be quieted after that. I sang constantly. And if I wasn't singing, I was performing life's drama in all the glory of a true diva. I formed the Diva Society, and claimed the mission statement "To stand tall and bring beautiful music to the lives of people everywhere" my battlecry. Friends at school started to call me "Miss Diva" a name to which I would still respond to, if used today. I even wrote and distributed a single copy of the newsletter "The Daily Diva" featuring great articles about "Noteworthy Composers" and a section on vocal technique. I felt then, and still do, that life is a song, and I LOVE to sing it.

 Even though I am not singing in front of thousands of people (yet) and creating record breaking albums (yet) or putting my name on a designer line of clothing meant to reflect my persona  (yet) does not mean I am not a diva in my own right. In fact, everyone who loves to sing, and loves to perform is a diva in their own way. This blog is about being a diva, my way. The way of a young wife, and mother of a two year old, who has dishes to wash, laundry to catch up on, dinner to make, and a song to sing...

And with that final note, I take my bow...
Until next time,
The Domestic Diva

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