Monday, May 30, 2011

Golden moment #2 Surprise lunch date

An unexpected run in with the man of my dreams!

I spent this morning running some errands on base. As I left the Nex (A great big Target like store) I ran into one of Josh's co-workers who told me my husband was eating lunch right next door at the Subway! So Scotty and I went in a gave daddy a big surprise hug while he was ordering his sandwich. He was so happy to see us! We all shared a nice lunch together with Josh and a few of his friends from work. Scotty gave daddy lots of little smiley face stickers he'd bought at the Nex during our shopping trip. Daddy wore them all very happily on his hand.

How lucky, to see my husband in the middle of the day! And what a special moment for Scotty, he was so happy to see "Da-das" unexpectedly! It was a day of perfect timing! A providential golden moment!

Did you have a golden moment today? Or are you still waiting to have yours? Keep your eye out and you'll find it! Leave me a comment once you've found it, I'd love to know what it was!



  1. A Super Old friend from Texas is at the Seattle Airport and We are talking!!! That's my moment!

  2. OH hurray hurray! I LOVE your happiness in this little moment - it speaks LOADS about your romance!


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