Monday, April 2, 2012

B is for Bumblebee

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I'm bringing home a baby bumblebee...
Won't my mommy be so proud of me!

I was terrified of bees when I was a little girl, and I still prefer they keep an adequate buzzing distance from me today.  One thing I'm not terrified of however, are flowers. I love flowers, and I've come to understand that when it comes to flowers bees tend to have a significant involvement in their existence and so this redeeming grace causes me to appreciate them for their delightful service of pollen spreading. Oh, and making honey. So, they aren't all bad. Those bees that do not spread pollen or make honey are a mystery to me. If only they would all participate in something useful, I may not find them so threatening.

What were you afraid of when you were young?
And does a hint of the fear linger still?

Enjoying the flowers,
And the honey on my toast,

Domestic Diva

1 comment:

  1. Stopping by from the A to Z Challenge!
    Believe it or not, I was afraid of worms when I was little. I was walking barefoot after a rain one day when I stepped on a worm and it wrapped around my foot. Scared me to pieces!
    And worms still kind of freak me out!


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