Saturday, April 7, 2012

G is for Gone.

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Kids say the funniest things when they are trying to figure something out. My son, who turned four this week, is currently trying to process where daddy has disappeared off to for the last few months....

"Daddy's on a sub-ma-mine."
"Are there sharks?"
"Can we go get him?"
"He's in the ocean?"
"Daddy has the i-pod? On the sub-ma-mine, in the ocean?"
"Are there monsters on the sub-ma-mine?"
"Are there monsters in the ocean?"
"Is he lost?"
"Can I swim over there and give him a hug?"

Mommy: "So, sonny, what is daddy's job on the submarine, what do you think he's doing?"
Scotty: "He's jumping on a trampoline!"
Mommy: "Daddy is jumping on a trampoline, on a submarine?"
Scotty: "Yes, in the ocean."

Mommy: "Do you miss your daddy?"
Scotty: "Yeah, he's on a sub-ma-mine"
Mommy: "Do you want to play with daddy?"
Scotty: "Yeah, but he's on a sub-ma-mine."
Mommy: "Do you think daddy gets to play on the submarine?"
Scotty: "Yeah. He plays with Lightening McQueen."
Mommy: "Scotty, do you wish you were on the submarine with daddy?"
Scotty: "No, Scotty has to go to gymnasitcs."

We love you daddy! 
We miss you! 
Come home soon!


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