Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C is for Cat.

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Oh to be a cat. Just for one sweet day. The hours would pass into dreams curled up in my plush window seat.. The sun dancing off my rhinestone collar. People shuffling by, stopping a moment to stroke my back, I open my eyes into little slits and decide if I want to wake up for a stretch or not. Usually, not....why would I?

No grocery shopping to do.
No rush to the speech therapist "We're late kiddo, come on!"
Only to turn around and race from that office door to the doctor's. "Noooooo! I don't like shots!"
No cooking. "Mama, I don't like it, chocolate chips."
No cleaning. "UGH! That organic carrot juice you just dumped all over the carpet cost $10.00!"
No bills. "How do I only have five dollars left in gas?"
No bribing a little boy who doesn't want to listen to anything mommy asks,
With more chocolate chips. "Paleeeeease, son!?"
No more explaining to a sad little face that his daddy is on a submarine, but he will come home again...
"Pinky promise."
No more Thomas the train ringing in my ears from dawn until dusk,
Whether the show is actually on or not....

Just a sunny window, and a nice long nap.
That is the life, of a cat.

What animal would you choose to be for a day?

Domestic Diva!


  1. I'm working from home today and my cat hasn't stirred from the bed in my office for 4 hours. He sleeps ALL DAY.

    Stopping by for the A to Z Challenge :)

  2. I'd totally be a cat, but I'd need to live with someone who fed me tuna every day and let me come and go as I please. :-)

  3. oh I would so like to be a cat...to have all your needs met AND get to sleep whenever I wanted? What a life~ My cat is such a spoiled girl :) Love your blog!


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