Thursday, April 19, 2012

Q is for Q.

I love Star Trek, and yes, my husband and I frequently discuss which alien species we would be if we lived in the Star Trek universe. For me it's always a toss up between Beta Zoid and Q.

Q always wins. 

How could it not? I mean, they are practically Gods, their only obstacle is BOREDOM!  Boredom, riiiiiiiight, you give me all power and an eternal existence and I would NOT get bored.  I mean, come on, some things just don't get old, EVER. Like kissing. Kissing is awesome, and can lead to a lot of other spectacular things. That alone would keep me a pretty happy Q as I cruise through my eternal existence. I know, I know, all you trekies out there are like-"What, they just touch fingers-REMEMBER?" I know, I'd be a rebel Q and do things the primitive, FUN way. I mean, THAT is why they were bored. Seriously. 

But there's more! You could run around the universe making people smile. I mean, you don't even have to do earth shattering, life altering acts of goodness to make people smile. You could just walk around wishing people a good day, smile at them, make a game about how many smiles you can collect over the course of, oh say, 100 years. Or you could do something stellar like clean up an oil spill, or feed starving children, or rescue abused animals, or sing to babies in orphanages. Boredom, pfft.  Not likely. 

So, that is why I'd be Q. 

Also, every single episode they show up in, is inevitably awesome. 

Thank you Gene Roddenberry, for creating that perfect conversation topic, after we've already discussed which wizarding house we'd be sorted into.

-Domestic Diva

(I'd be in Hufflepuff, by the way, what about you?)

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