Wednesday, April 18, 2012

P is for Pickle

Ever since I was a little girl our family has held the Christmas tradition of the "Pickle present". We have a special pickle ornament that mom hides on the tree, and whoever finds it gets to open the "Pickle Present". Usually, the kind of gift everyone would enjoy like a new game or movie. We LOVED this tradition, and it was quiet a race to see who found the pickle. We always opened the pickle present first so this marked the anticipation of present opening time. No pickle, no presents. You better find that pickle!

As the years passed, the pickle found it's way off the tree, to make the game more challenging and anywhere in the house became fair game. One year, we couldn't find the pickle ornament in all our Christmas decorations. Of course, we were crushed. But mom, being the resourceful, clever mom she is,  just smiled and told us there would just have to be a new pickle this year, and we'd know it when we found it....


That year, my husband found the pickle. A banana, labeled "pickle" we all got a good laugh over that one. My husband ALWAYS finds the pickle. I think he likes opening the first present. We brought home a giant chess set that year, thanks to that little pickle banana!

Oh, and yeah, my mom is AWESOME!

What are your favorite holiday traditions?
-Domestic Diva


  1. What a great tradition!

    We don't do anything like that--but we should. :)

  2. it's funny, this was the firs year i had heard of this tradition---and the pickle ornaments were all over the stores


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