Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D is for Dinosaur

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One of my very best friends growing up was a boy named Jacy.
When we were very little, he wanted to pretend to be dinosaurs, and I wanted to play house. So together we learned the great lesson called compromise. Jacy tromped about as the great "Daddy T-Rex" while I, "Mommy Long Neck"  pretended to cook dinner. (Jacy of course knew our proper names in Latin, and could probably spell them, 20 years later, this is still beyond my capability.) We claimed the great dirt mound in his grandparent's back yard as our mountain. There we built our nest, I would protect our unhatched dinosaur eggs while he hunted bad dinosaurs, and the two of us would come home from the end of a day playing outside, our pockets filled with dirt and our hearts filled with memories.

Now, my dear friend is married to a beautiful woman and they are expecting their second "Baby-a-saurus". I still dream that one day life will magically bring them to live next door, and our children will enjoy childhoods filled with new dinosaur adventures all their own! 

Every girl needs a boy to teach her how to play dinosaurs.
And every boy needs a girl to teach him how to play house.
That's how we learn to grow up.

What friendships do you cherish from your childhood? What were your favorite games to play when you were little?

-Domestic Diva


  1. Your post reminded me of Marlo Thomas' song; Glad to have a friend like you! ...did you ever hear it? :)

  2. wonderful post--i am keeping in touch with some very old friends recently, because of facebook!

  3. That sounds like how my two boys play with my daughter! I definitely think that it really helps kids to spend a good amount of time with a playmate of the opposite gender.

    Growing up, my fondest playing memories involve my brother two years older than me, and my brother two years younger.

    I'm here via the A-Z Challenge. It's so nice to meet you!


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