Friday, April 13, 2012

L is for Love Letter

I know, that just about everyone participating in this ABC blogfest probably thought "Love is the last thing I'd choose as my topic for L, SO cliche" so I'm banking on that, and choosing love for L. Not just love, love letter. And again, you'll have to bear with me as I gush about my husband, because he is deployed right now, and he's on my mind pretty much every second. Especially today, as I rushed our son into the ER and could have really used some help with a four year old who has a severe phobia of doctors and emergency rooms in general. I blame the stitches he had to get two months ago...or perhaps his latest round of shots. At any rate, there's no letting a guy off work to help out his wife and sick kid when you're on a submarine. So, I figure, in exchange for my husband being off too sea, defending our freedom and all, while I'm at home pining and taking care of a really sick kid all by can read one of the most beautiful things he ever wrote to me, and we can all gush over how romantic he is, deal?

July 28, 2004 (Amazingly, he proposed to me two years later, to this day)

"Thousands of times the wind and sunlight whispered your name to me, and the stars spelled it out, a chorus of birdsong at dawn, and all they can sing about is you. How amazing that you could see yourself with me forever, forever is such a long time. With you at my side there is no place I'd rather be. Let the gates of eternity open, let the centuries pass like seconds, let the sun grow cold and the universe expand and contract in a cosmic heartbeat, my love for you will outlast them all."

-Josh Nickerson

How on earth, could I ever say "no" to a man who writes like that? Ah. I swoon. That is a real love letter.

The Domestic Diva

PS-The kiddo is fine, He's just had a BAD cough and fever for the last week and the hospital was concerned about dehydration and the possibility of pneumonia, but they sent him home since his lungs look fine, and he's been authorized to eat as many popsicles as his little heart desires :)


  1. no you could not have said no!!!---glad your child is okay :)

  2. Aren't you missing an "s" in there somewhere? ;) Once I get past that, I do have to admit it's still beautiful. What a sweet poet. :) You lucky girl. I, too, am a poet, as you know, and my heart has melted, like a thick pat of butter sliding down the side of a warm, cinnamon pancake thick with juicy blueberries.


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