Saturday, April 21, 2012

S is for Serenity

In a world of fast food, instant messaging, credit cards, online networking, and phones that travel everywhere with us, I am a huge advocate of serenity. 

Serenity to me, is getting in touch with what is real. Not a picture, not a face on the computer screen. As much as I love social networking online, I take it with a grain of salt. It isn't completely real. You never see, or feel the whole picture. This blog is created of highlights of my very best, even when I write up my little reality checks, or personal experiences that may move you, it's still only the side of me I'm willing and able to share with a person I am not actually seeing face to face. And so, the impression of me you get online, is jaded, not by intent, but by the nature of the medium. There are some experiences that can not be simulated, company and conversation is one of them.  Serenity is standing in the presence of another and feeling their spirit interact with yours. Serenity is personal.

Serenity is the deepness and richness of experience, the taste of real food in your mouth which can be imitated by nothing. No grape flavoring will ever come close to the magnificent burst of flavor a little muscat grape holds within it's beautiful sheer orb of perfection. 

Serenity is that feeling of accomplishment you achieve when you've saved your money to buy something you have wanted for months and months, and you can hand over hard earned cash in place of instant gratification and that gut wrenching prod that urges you to be stronger than your momentary desires.

Serenity is stillness, it is turning off the phone long enough to hear silence. And in the silence, other voices can finally be heard, the song of a bird, the whisper of a new bud growing for you to admire, your heartbeat, your thoughts, your truest appetites and needs emerge when you are still enough to ask your body what it needs from you. 

Serenity opens your heart and allows you to feel the beauty of the world around you, because you are no longer distracted from it. We are all connected, always, we do not need the internet to imitate that for us. I, like you, appreciate it as the tool that it is, but never let it distract us from our serenity.


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  1. I'm going to sit outside and really listen to the thunderstorm tonight. That may be my little moment of serenity. You're right about blogging. I try to be honest, but I'm sure I censor myself.


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