Friday, April 20, 2012

R is for Romantic

Translation by John Anthony Bernard Harrisson (1909-1983)
Written by Roman Poet Catullus (83 BCE-54 BCE)
Painting, inspired by this poem, by Fredrick Leighton

He held her close against his breast and whispered soft and low
"Heart of my heart, my little one, I love you, love you so!
For ever and forever, dear, no matter where I stand;
In darkest Africa maybe, or India's coral strand,
Or even should I chance to meet, while wandering out there,
A green-eyed lion, I'd think of you, and thus confound his stare"!
And as he spoke these words, Love smiled; the god was very pleased,
And from the left toward the right in approbation sneezed.

Then Acme, tilting back her head to kiss his tender eyes
With lips like parted rose-buds which the golden sunlight dyes,
Said, "Constant slaves of sovran Love we'll be, for in me glows
A greater and a fiercer fire than e'er Vesuvius knows.
Your love for me is very great I know, but it is true
That yours is no whit greater than the love I bear for you"!
And as she spoke these words, Love smiled, and delicately sneezed
From left to right to indicate that he was very pleased!

Now started on their favoured way they render love for love;
Septimius prefers his bride to all your stars above.
Your Britains and your Syrias, your rich and fertile fields,
And to Septimius alone his loyal Acme yields
Herself in love, for love's delights and passion's pleasures rare
Afford a never-ceasing joy to this delightful pair:
None ever saw two people happier than these two are,
For love could not have flowered 'neath a better omened star!

My favorite poem.


  1. Lovely poem
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  2. It's SOOOO romantic! Oh how I wish someone would write a poem about my wondrous rosebud lips.... *sigh* Wouldn't it be truly weak-in-the-knees wonderful????? (Planning on reading this poem out loud to hubby - see if it tweaks his inner Acme.)

  3. very warm feelings of love here--wonderful poem


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