Friday, April 6, 2012

F is For Fashion

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1997 Journal Entry:

"When I'm married, I will never wear the same dress twice. I will probably have the biggest wardrobe in the world. I will spend millions of dollars on JUST clothes." -Heidi Kohler age 13

Today's theme is fashion. Something, I have always loved. And while I do not spend millions of dollars on clothes, and certainly do not have the biggest wardrobe in the world, I do have a great fashion tip for your wardrobe today. I call it the rule of three, and it works like this.

If I have one pair of pants, I will only keep it in my closet if it coordinates with at least three shirts.
For instance:

 One pair of adorable cut offs in salmon pink, definitely a keeper in my closet because it pairs up with 3 or more shirts. 

In fact, these pants are not only adorable with three of my shirts, but six so they really pull their weight. The rule of three is fun, because it only allows colors and styles you really love to remain in your closet. I apply this rule to all of my tops, bottoms AND accessories.  You never have to wonder what to do with that impulse buy that doesn't go with ANYTHING else you own. The magic in this rule is that pretty soon, your wardrobe is focused in such a way that you only need two or three pairs of shoes because they are so versatile, without spending all your money on 50 pairs of shoes to go with a kaleidoscopic of color in your closet, you can splurge on a nice purse instead, because one color goes with the majority of your ensembles.

 Another delightful result of this practice is that your closet is not over crowded. This is especially important to me as I do NOT have room for a huge wardrobe. However, everything in my closet is something I LOVE to wear. I periodically try on all of my outfits and move along anything I feel no longer tickles me pink. (Which, as you can tell, happens to be one of my favorite colors to wear!) You will also find when you shop that you exercise a lot more judgment in deciding if something should come home with you. Your wardrobe will express a very clear style, and it will be obvious when something belongs there or not, regardless of the current fad.

So, as you jump into your spring cleaning, try applying this rule of three and see the wonderful results you get!

What is your favorite color to wear?
What are your best secrets for keeping your
 wardrobe under control and filled only with things you LOVE to wear?

-Domestic Diva


  1. I am in no way a fashionista...maybe in my next life :-) I love all shades of blue.

  2. I like this collection which you share above. Everything is excellent and these pants are adorable with six of shirts. I excited for buy it.

    Fuzzi Bunz

  3. i just reworked my closet doing the color thing--great tips!


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