Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I'm a bit behind on this challenge, thanks so much to Jarm Del Boccio for encouraging me not to give up!

To catch up, I'm going to combine Monday and Tuesday N and O into my topic, No.

No is such a powerful word. I have a four year old son, and anyone who has had any contact with a preschooler, understands the power a kid discovers with the word NO! Just the other day as I was returning something to a store my son saw a play table that caught his fancy. As I said "No" to the play table, we were already standing in line, he screamed "No" to cooperate and stand, be quiet, or stay in one place. As a parent, this is a critical moment, to stand strong or just give the kid ten minutes at the play table. Then the word takes on a whole new dynamic in my mind.

"Noooo, stand strong, you'll train him to behave like this if you give in, it will be a living nightmare you've read it in ALL your parenting books!"

"Noooo, give the kid a break, let him have ten minutes, you have ten minutes....

I vacillate for a little while trying not to guess what the other people around me are deducing from my parenting methods. In the end, the "no" to stand my ground wins, I am after all 25 years older than this kid for a good reason. And once we are out to the car and Scotty realizes the battle is lost he gets distracted by the little car he left laying on the seat.

And then, once it's quiet again I find myself contemplating the situation. So, I ask myself,  "Am I so different from this little kid screaming "Nooooo, I want the toys, let's play with the toys" as we're standing in line at the store?"

How many times have I fudged on the family savings plan just a little because, Noooooo, I'm tired of saving, and I really NEED (want) that new shirt?

How many times have I committed to a healthier lifestyle and yet scream "Nooo, I want that piece of cheesecake, NOW" when I'm out to dinner with my husband?

"Nooooo, I don't want to finish this blog challenge I am SO busy (even though I committed to do this)"

"Noooo, I don't want to clean the bathrooms." They are disgusting by the way, I'm still fighting over that one.

Who is in charge? Me, or that inner child who wants or doesn't want everything now, the queen of no, the master of justification? How is she being parented? What am I training HER to act like?

Just a thought.
-Domestic Diva

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  1. Awesome post! I feel the same way. For example, just this morning I resolved to start eating better, and I did really well all day--until I got stressed out, which led me to shout "NO!" All my healthy-eating plans went out the window, and I gave in to not one but two desserts.



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