Thursday, June 9, 2011

Golden moment # 11 is in the stars....

Scotty watching Star Trek.

Tonight, to my utter surprise and (I admit it) delight, my son chose for his evening entertainment none other than STAR TREK, real honest to goodness William Shatner, Star Trek, or "Chit Chet" as Scotty pronounces it. Made me smile. Can't wait to tell his dad! Good heavens, this family loves some good old Star Trek!

Brings back memories of my family watching Next Generation every Wednesday night. I used to invite Josh over to join our family for Star Trek nights when it was Voyager! We'd make a batch of cookies, my dad would rub my mom's feet, and we'd all dance around to the music for the opening credits. And as much as I am loyal to the original, and my favorite captain will always be Jean Luke, and Seven of Nine absolutely made Voyager, that theme song to Enterprise is a blast to shout out full voice-and you just try and only sing "I've got" the right number of times! Bet you anything you'll throw in two extras! Didn't get into Deep Space Nine so much, but I'm just so grateful to Gene Roddenberry for dreaming up this fun world to entertain me for so many years.

"May the force be with you."

That was a test,

And if that sign off made you go "HUH!?" Then you are among friends, for I am truly a trekkie too. (Minus conventions and weird costumes.)

Did your family have a favorite show to watch together growing up? Did you carry on the tradition into your own home?

"Live long and prosper."


  1. I remember watching Scarecrow and Mrs. King, Father Dowling Mysteries, and Murder She Wrote with my parents. I was probably a bit older than Scotty, but I really enjoyed those with my mom and dad.

  2. Star Trek and Dr. Who. Ahhhh, the memories! :)

  3. we grew up watching it too! how funny! and what a sweet memory you have of your dad rubbing your mom's feet, i love that!


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