Sunday, June 19, 2011

Golden moment #21 My dad.

I read this poem to my dad at my wedding reception, right before the "Daddy Daughter Dance" it was truly one of the most golden moments of my entire life. A memory I will hold forever in my heart, to me it is worth all the treasure in the world, I love you daddy, happy Father's Day.

My First Love
By Heidi Kohler Nickerson

The first man to ever love me
Would hold me by the hand
Guide me in my footsteps
And taught me how to stand

The first man to ever love me
Would cradle me at night
When I was sick,
Or I was scared
He made everything alright

The first man to ever love me
Gave me my first kiss
He spun me round
And raised me high
He showed me love was bliss

The first man to ever love me
Always heard me sing
Songs of joy and songs of tears
Of my fans, he was the king

The first man to ever love me
Taught me charity and truth
Led me to the Tree of Life
And I enjoyed its fruit

The first man to ever love me
Gave me all he had to give
He gave me faith
He gave me strength
And a life that I might live

He gave me toes to stand on
When I couldn’t really dance
And when I slipped and fell
He gave another chance

He gave me all his heart
To prepare me for this day
And when the moment came
He gave his little girl away

Daddy, now I thank you
With this husband at my side
I see how your love
Has taught me
To become a loving bride

But before I leave your home
And embark on this new life
Before I start the journey
Of becoming Josh’s wife

I want you to look back
On our memories, old and new
And remember in your heart
The man I loved first,

Was you.

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