Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Golden moment #8

June 6th's Golden moment...A day late, but yesterday was the type of day I really hope I don't have to live through again, except, for THIS moment. This moment I'll take over and over again forever.

"Why don't you two go out to dinner together?" My mom's offer to watch our son so Josh and I could go out, couldn't have come at a more divine moment. I am physically and emotionally very tired. I hardly slept through my sister's long labor, and from the moment that sweet baby has arrived my days have been consumed with making sure my sister and her husband and their new little baby are being taken care of. My mom and I have been  helping out wherever we can with cleaning and cooking, and just supporting. But today, the new baby high started to ease off, and exhaustion set in. While all of this has been happening in my life, Josh has been totally consumed with work. Some nights he can't come home because he either has duty or he's working so late it's easier for him to just sleep on the boat. The fact that Josh was home before 8:00 tonight was lucky in and of itself. He already had overnight duty scheduled for our actual anniversary (June 7). So this opportunity to go enjoy a nice dinner without the toddler was an absolute miracle.

We chose our favorite restaurant, and deemed it our "Anniversary dinner". We parked far away so we could enjoy a walk to the destination it was a beautiful evening and we were seated to dine outside. The food was heavenly, and the time with my husband so desperately needed. 

The chef put a candle on our dessert for our anniversary, it was so thoughtful and made the evening even  more special. Then, just as I thought the night couldn't get any better, I returned home that night to a sparkling clean home and my three year old fast asleep in his bed. 

Thank you mom. Thank you for this golden moment.

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