Thursday, June 23, 2011

Golden Moment #25 A reality check

I had a golden moment today in the realization that my life is so not perfect, but I'm happy anyway. I love people who are brave enough to confess the not so perfect moments in their life too, it keeps things real and it helps me feel not so alone out there is this big wide mommy world, which sometimes feels not so big and wide but rather confined to the 1,400 square feet I clean all day. So here is my moment of sharing life's little imperfections. I could probably tell you about a million stories, but they are most likely the same as yours (with slight variation). The point to this is, we are all in this together. You are not alone, I'm here too.

 And you know what, my kid looks a lot like yours when  eating spaghetti.

Or refurbishing your desk....(right before the family photo-shoot you scheduled at SEARS-of course.)

Or getting into your ribbon collection,

Or grabbing a snack while you take a shower.

No wonder I don't have time to pick up my art room.

Oh yes, being his mommy is a daily adventure!

And it is the greatest adventure in the world.

-The Domestic Diva

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