Thursday, June 16, 2011

Golden moment #17

Okay, so I'm a day behind on my golden moments...I think I was supposed to update yesterday with two, because the day before I skipped, so I updated one yesterday, for the day before but I didn't update for THAT day, and so now TODAY I owe two, one for today and one for yesterday. Phew. Okay. Yesterday was a really BLAH sort of day. I literally vegged out and watched movies. Well, okay, I also cleaned the house, did some laundry, visited with my sister and her new baby and also made her lunch, set up a sweet little trampoline/slide against the couch out of an air mattress, for the little munchkin which he thoroughly enjoyed.

Hubby got home late, but we had a fantastic evening together once the kiddo was asleep. I would have to say my evening with the Mr. was my golden moment for yesterday. But I guess that's sort of redundant, because golden moment 16 was about him too. Ahhh-who cares, married life is golden! I'm sure he'll be my golden moment many more times over the next 348 golden moments I share here, as this birthday year goes on.

So, because I love to have a picture relevant to my entries, here's one I love of Josh and I.

My dad took this picture of us when we all met for the after wedding lunch at the Bellevue club. We'd been married for just an hour or two at this point, and we were SO happy!

What was golden about your day today?
-Domestic Diva

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