Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Golden Moment # 16, laughing. Crying. Gold.

June 14th's golden moment.
I woke up on the wrong side of the bed yesterday.

I made the mistake of watching HGTV too much and started to see everything that I don't have and really NEED (want).  Like the fact that I need a yard for my toddler to run around in. (Yes, I actually do NEED this one) And I wanted to be one of the people on "House Hunters" or "My First Place" or "Property Virgins". I wanted to give Sandra Rinomato my list of requirements and have an endless budget to work with. 3,000,000 would pretty much get a person just about anything they want, it's not like I want to live in New York City. My list would look like this:

-Big fenced in backyard (Non negotiable)
-Updated kitchen with energy efficient appliances and granite counter tops.
-Big master suite
-Amazing master bath with fabulous tub big enough for me and my Mr.
-4 bedrooms, 2 baths plus a guest 1/2 bath
-A small guest house on the property
-Open floorplan
-Hardwood floors
-Lots of light
-Good location, nice school district

As I was mulling over how much I'd love to live in my dream house, feeling very acutely that I did not live in my dream house but in fact a little itty bitty apartment, my toddler was pretty much acting like a cooped up puppy who NEEDED to go outside. I won't even go into the messes he made while I was going to the bathroom, talking on the phone, rinsing some dishes, or stealing away in my room to just catch my breath. (Okay, okay, and watching HGTV.) Let's just say when Josh came home at the end of the day, I was determined to hide the fact that I'd been bawling on the couch about 15 minutes before he walked through the door, crying over stuff I didn't have, and a toddler who just wouldn't stop climbing on me, kicking me, pinching me, biting me, (In his defense, he was trying to get me to play, when I didn't want to) and he chose making messes galore to keep himself occupied since that's the next best thing to playing tag with mom.

*Not that I want to make any excuses for myself, but it's June and it's cold, gray and rainy outside, not the sort of weather mom wants to go play in. Also, Scotty didn't go to bed till 1:30 in the morning the night before, and kept kicking his bedroom walls and door which = very unhappy neighbors at midnight.

But as Josh walked through the front door, he surprised me with the happiest, most adorable mood. I think he was slap happy tired-(He'd had duty the night before and doesn't get much sleep when that happens). "I'm so happy to be HOME!!!" He said, scooping me up and spinning me around in the living room. Yes, in our teeny tiny space between the couch and the kitchen table he spun me, and my feet didn't hit ANYTHING! "Tell me about your day!" He smiled, no wait, let me GUESS! 

"Scotty made a zillion messes", he began, "but you cleaned them up because the house looks amazing! Giants attacked, but you shooed them all away because they are gone now, you burned dinner but the dog we don't have ate it, you were planning a surprise for me that got stolen by little elves, Scotty has been bugging you all day and you are tired but you are so happy because I AM HOME!" At this point, I'm just laughing happily-How he does this to me, I don't know, he just does. 

I felt like saying "Yes, all of the above! How did you know!" But I just kind of giggled. "I knew the minute I walked in you'd had a hard day"-he told me, "just give me a few minutes to regroup from work and we can talk about it, okay?" 

"Ummm, okay."

Wow. My marriage is gold.

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