Thursday, June 2, 2011

Golden moment # 5...Bubble's in the bath!

Take a hot bath with bubbles, forget all your troubles
(Caption I read on a bathtub advertisement when I was  13 and never forgot)

There is an unwritten law that decrees "all children are to splash in every puddle they see, no matter how big, how small, or how deep, jumping must occur. Pant legs must get soaked, boots must leak and socks must drip." My son is an upstanding citizen in accordance to this law.

Naturally, bath time followed our rainy day excursions.

This called for bubbles, of course. There are few things more purely delightful than a child giddy over the sight of bubbles. It is so worth the slippery floor and light-headed dizziness. 




Did you have a favorite bath-time activity as a kid? Rubber ducky, bath crayons, fizzing bath salts in bright colors?



  1. How about wasting every single one of my mother's nice liquid soaps and shampoos in order to do "science experiments" while in the tub? That was my favorite.

    Also, those nasty little oil capsules that were shaped like innocent things, and certainly seemed jolly enough until you squeezed them and they blinded you in the eye like a spitting cobra.

  2. Ha ha-Christine, when I wrote that question those little oil capsule things shaped like sweet little hearts and stars were the first thing that came to my mind! That is so awesome-I think it squirted you in the eye, not me. I'm sure I was with you at the time though, that was when we were way little living on the farm!


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