Monday, June 13, 2011

Golden moment # 15, Butter.

I LOVE butter.

Oh, yes. I love butter. Real food is just a good thing, and butter is about as real as it gets. Julia Child once said "If you are afraid of butter, use cream." I love cream too. Without it we wouldn't have butter... But let's talk about how golden butter is, really-and not just butter, FAT. Yes, fat, wonderful delicious, energy giving, life sustaining, brain feeding, hormone producing fat.

Fat is one of the greatest foods God placed on this green earth. And somehow, like so many wonderful pure, perfect, flawless creations our great Lord gave us, we have warped and twisted it into something very unlike the Creator's grand design. We have hydrogenated oils, skim milk, low fat ice-cream (What!?) and non fat lean cuisine, we count calories and forget to eat food. We are afraid of fat.

I think part of it lies in the fact that our language does not give a positive connotation to fat. When people are obese, we call them fat. We see this as a negative, undesirable thing-then we roll butter fat, meat fat, fats from oils and nuts, or foods like coconut and avocado, all in the same word. The truth is, people are not obese because of fat, they are obese because there is an imbalance in their body, and usually toxic overload. They are simply not coping, and in many cases are not getting the nutrients they need to maintain a healthy weight for their body, or are incapable of assimilating the needed nutrients. The fact that they are overweight is actually a miracle of the body, diluting toxins, or storing needed energy in case of starvation. (Note, dieting puts you into starvation mode, as will strenuous exercise causing your body to store more fat in case a tiger comes after you again or famine strikes, a natural food storage system if you will, in case of emergency.) The body is AMAZING, it will do whatever it has to in order to keep you ALIVE.

Your body will create cysts, store fat tissue, form allergies or anything else it needs to. In fact any "dis-ease" the body creates is simply a coping mechanism to keep you alive. Once you give your body what it needs, the ease will return to your body. You can in fact, be a healthy weight, rid your body of cysts, clear all your allergies, and live in a healthy, thriving body! There is nothing your body can not cure itself of when given the proper nutrients to re-build healthy thriving cells. It's re-building and restoring everyday. Only when it doesn't have the tools to re-build and restore perfectly do we see disease, allergies, weight, and aging take hold. It's like a carpenter trying to build a house without all the proper tools and materials, it will not be a perfect house, it will have weaknesses.

But, I am not a nutritionist, and my goal is to keep these entries short and sweet little morsels of golden delight for you to read, and this entry is about how much I love good fat. And here is why.

I love how it tastes! I love how it makes me feel! And I love all of the research that has been done endorsing its vital importance to our health. I love all the places you can find fat, in dairy, in meat, in avocados...YUM, in nuts and in oils. I love that everyday there is a new article out there teaching us about essential fats, and how important they are to our overall health and well being. I love REAL food, and I love BUTTER! 

I also love my gallbladder, and bile is amazing, without them, I couldn't break down and properly assimilate all the wonderful fat that keeps me skinny! Our bodies are the most complex, awe inspiring, fascinating, creation. Go google  "Healthy fat" you will be reading all day.

After you have finished perusing all the great reads out there on healthy fat, butter yourself a piece of whole wheat toast and throw away everything in your cupboard that has hydrogenated oil, most especially that tub of "can't believe it's not real butter" believe it, it's NOT real butter.

 I'll meet up with you when we are 120 and we can keep talking about how awesome butter really is.


What is your favorite REAL food!

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