Thursday, June 23, 2011

Golden moment #24 Organizing!!!!

Golden Moment for June 22, was creating order on the shelf above my washer and dryer. Sure, it wasn't TERRIBLE, I have scarier messes lurking behind closed doors in my house, but it just wasn't functional.  Here is my before picture.

As you can see this shelf is becoming a bit of a "catch all" so I thought it best to stop this in it's tracks. I also have the problem of a toddler who keeps getting into my cleaning supplies under the bathroom sink and wanted to re-locate those things to above the washing machine. And I needed to gather all of my laundry supplies into one basket I could easily pull down when I did a load of laundry, here is my after shot!

I'm quite pleased with the result, it's already making my chores easier. Fred Meyer only had three of the baskets I needed in the right size, so now I'm on the hunt for one more! But what really makes my heart sing over this set up are my LABELS! I love labels, labels make things look pleasant and exciting, and organized! But these labels make chore time ADORABLE! Check out my lovely label close up!

I highly recommend making fun labels for yourself. I made these with scrapbooking paper I already had lying around and then I just had them laminated. I have to admit, this label making business is fun work....I might be posting more label projects in the very near future. Once you start, it's really, REALLY hard to stop....

What is on your best working organized system in your home?
What needs tackling, that you've been putting off?

-The Domestic Diva

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