Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Golden moment #9 My anniversary love letter

My beloved husband,
June 7, 2007, I woke up.

I saw white. 
I smelled roses.
I felt butterflies. 
The sun shone for us. 
The flowers bloomed for us. 
The birds sang for us. 
My heart beat for you. 
It was heaven on earth.

Four years later and the purity is still there, laced lovingly amidst our everlasting commitment and promise to each other. Beauty is everywhere we find ourselves together. In your smile, in your tumbling with our toddler, in a kiss, in a bouquet, in a little apartment we call our home. My heart still flutters each time I hear the door handle turn at the end of the day, and birds take flight where butterflies once fluttered when I get a phone call telling me you are 24 hours away from coming home after months of separation during a deployment. My life is filled with the light of your love. I long for nothing more than to become the best version of myself, so that you might be loved by that glorious woman within me. My heart is yours, I live to love you. There is no greater joy in my life than this. Each morning I wake and am grateful for a new day to love you. You, are my dream come true. This love, is heaven on earth. Thank you for loving me.

Your bride.

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