Friday, June 10, 2011

Golden Moment #12 Dream House

Few things thrill me to my very core the way dreaming up "Cair Paravel" does. Cair Pravel is the name of the future Nickerson estate, or in other words, our dream home. The thing I love about dreaming, is that there are NO limits! It doesn't cost a dime, there is no labor involved, no building, or maintaining I can just dream it all up in every detail without a care in the world. I love to gather pictures from magazines and put them in my notebooks, or sketch out room layouts and designs. It's just FUN! I imagine the parties I'll host, the concerts in our grand foyer where I will sing, the wedding receptions for my children in the backyard, the play room for my kids and grandkids, the church activities I'll volunteer my home for, the guests I will entertain leaving them convinced they were vacationing at a four star hotel, not just spending the weekend with their sister. It is a constant delight, to build, revise, change, paint, decorate and add to this grand design. It is the perfect place to live for a creative, never in the same location more than 2 years, longing to live in her own home, military wife! Everywhere I go, I carry this home with me in my heart and imagination. I can almost smell the apple crisp baking in the oven, see the flickering candle light in my bathroom, feel the warmth of the fireplace in the master suite. It is a glorious, magnificent place to live, and I am so happy here. Tonight, I added a few new pages to my collection. Here they are, along with some old favorites.


 One of tonights layouts

An older favorite, capturing the mood and romance for my master suite!

Materials for the master

What is your favorite thing to dream over, house, kitchen, vacations? Are you a magazine cutter upper too? Do you keep your collection of dreams in a folder, notebook, or imagination?

-Domestic Diva

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  1. i love dreaming about my dream home. do you have a tumblr? that's where i find things i love and all my dream home ideas i save. i spend more time blogging on there then i do on blogspot. :)

    ps. sogno di vino is our favorite place too :)


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